Ecommerce Businesses Understanding The Importance of a Blog

Blogs are invaluable to ecommerce businesses. A lot of people will assume that a blog has to be about you and your day-to-day life. That is not the case. A blog can be used for many things to help you with your business. Having a blog on your website can boost your sales, make you seem more approachable, and allows you to promote yourself and associative companies. It is also a massive help with regards to SEO. You can use your blogs to link to other businesses and those businesses can link back to you.

With regards to SEO, it can not only help you connect to other companies which will improve your trust flow. It can help with your rankings in other ways, a blog will give your website the opportunity to have more pages. This will help you rank for different keywords and more longtail keywords at that. The longtail keywords are important because it means you can pick up people who are searching for a specific subject. Ecommerce businesses tend to have a lot of specific products with longtail keywords as their title, so ranking for these can improve your sales.

Ecommerce Businesses Can Use Blogs for Multiple Boosts

Having a blog can increase your traffic and build up an audience of repeat customers. Knowing that you are writing articles for customers who will come back again and again helps a lot. It means that your blog writing can become fairly spontaneous and soon you will be able to discuss any topic related to your business knowing that your audience will enjoy reading it. Whilst ecommerce businesses have twitter and Facebook, social media platforms often do not give you enough characters to get the news across. It comes down to having good written content and strong visual media.

Here are a few suggestions for things that you can blog about:

  • The story of your founding: the history
  • Your products: where it came from, how it’s made
  • Announcements for a sale
  • Events you’re running or participating in
  • Advice on products, not just your own
  • Company updates

These are the types of blog posts that your audience are going to want to know about and depending on how many products you have, you could have an endless supply of blog posts. Ecommerce businesses are ever changing and always growing, it’s this type of news your clients are going to want to read about.

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