Freelancer Terms

Terms and conditions for Freelancers

When starting a contract with Monkfish Web Design the assignment will be given to the Freelancer on the conditions below changed and agreed by Monkfish Web Design in writing.

All Time scales set out by Monkfish Web Design must be agreed and met when assigned work.

All work carried out for Monkfish Web Design or any of their businesses by freelance workers will need to be approved by Monkfish and their client before their part in the project is deemed complete.

In the event of alterations the Freelancer must complete these FREE OF CHARGE and within a reasonable time scale. Time scales will be deemed reasonable by Monkfish Web Design not the Freelancer or Client.

Freelancers maybe required to visit Clients in this case they are working as an employee of Monkfish Web Design and should not discuss their own business.

Freelancers working for Monkfish Web Design’s clients are not permitted to tout or accept business from a client of Monkfish Web Design and must refer all business or enquiries to Monkfish Web Design.

Payment for FREELANCERS working on clients projects will be made 30 days after payment for the final project by the CLIENT to Monkfish Web Design or their sister companies.

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