Jane Austen 200th Anniversary Of Death but People Want a Google Doodle


If you haven’t heard of Jane Austen you must have been living under a rock for the 200 plus years. She is a literary goddess. Whilst the rest of the world is celebrating her life and her work, google is ticking on like normal. Google has no doodles today. And for those of you who do not know what a google doodle, again, have you been living under a rock? Google doodle is an illustrative graphic design alteration to the google homepage. It started in 1998 in celebration of Bastille day and has continued.


With over 2000 international holidays in its banks, google has got a doodle for everything. Everything, apart from our beloved miss Austen. A lot of people are concerned with the lack of doodle for Jane Austen 200th Anniversary of her death. The author’s beautiful works include Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, the list goes on. Most if not all of her work has been adaptive for television or film. She is renowned for her tales of love and heartbreak and yet google have not paid homage to this.

Google Doodle or Lack of Angers Jane Austen Fans














People to twitter to express their anger about the situation, and rightly so. Google gave Shakespeare a doodle for his 400th anniversary of his death why not for Jane Austen. I understand that it may be difficult and they can’t make a doodle for every event in the world. But Jane Austen gave us brilliant writing that has been celebrated all over the world, she deserves some credit from google. The next google doodle better be a good one to make up for today’s mistake.

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