Lunar Connect expands into the LED industry to help UK consumers save money and make their lighting solutions more flexible and stylish. With Lunar Connect’s easi-lite LED tape and self-adhesive backing, LED strip lighting has never been simpler.

Lincoln, UK – October 2017 – The light-emitting diode is one of today’s most energy-efficient and constantly-evolving lighting technologies, with quality LED lights said to last longer, exhibit enhanced durability and boast comparable or superior light quality. LED bulbs can be up to ten times more efficient than traditional old-style filament bulb variety.

The LED industry is constantly improving, paving the way for innovations such as Lunar Connect’s LED lighting kits. Light emitting diodes are incredibly efficient compared to the traditional filament bulbs, and can also create more light, improve your health, and be made into handy strips.

From its base in Lincoln, Lunar Connect has expanded to offer its products across the UK. They also now supply MKM Building Supplies in over 47 branches across England and Scotland. Veasey and Quigley contribute years of experience in the retail lighting industry to create the most efficient lighting for consumer homes. The LED lights kits are incredibly easy to use with online tutorials available free of charge. Not only this, but coloured and colour-changing kits are also on sale, that can be controlled remotely for an ambient and inspired environment.

“UK customers can save up to £240 this year by investing LED lights,” explains Simon Veasey, co-founder of Lunar Connect, who, in cooperation with his partner Martin Quigley, launched the business at the beginning of the year. “It can add a more natural ambient glow, be fitted almost anywhere, and consumes so much less electricity.” “We want to help the environment, one home at a time”. “The rapid development of the technology is yielding additional products and improving efficiency in the manufacturing sector, which results in lower prices for our customers”. Lunar Connect has gone from strength to strength, and will be an important player in the LED lighting industry.

Lunar Connect is located at Unit 4 Whisby Way Business Centre in Lincoln and can be reached by calling 0330 2233569. For more information visit and browse the range of LED lights and accessories available for purchase.

LED lighting tape used in kitchen showroom
easi-lite LED strip lighting kit
Colour-changing LED light kit
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