Sexist Advertisements Have Been Campaigned Against For A While Now Something Is Being Done

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is cracking down on Sexist Advertisements. Any advertisement that shows men clumsily carrying out housework or adverts that objectify women will be banned.  These rules have been proposed by watchdog. People have often campaigned against advertisements that use gender stereotypes to promote their products. Finally, something is being done. It is not a blanket ban however.

If an advert shows a woman cleaning or a man doing DIY work then that advert will still probably be allowed. If however, a family were leaving rubbish all over the house and it was left up to the woman to clean it all up then that ad might be banned. It comes down to how gender roles are being portrayed. If it is seen that it is the only thing that men or women do then it will be banned. It is these types of sexist advertisements that are effecting adults and children all over.

Sexist Advertisements Have A Negative Effect on Viewers of All Ages

It effects people of all ages and all genders. The adverts I think of when it comes to sexist advertisements are perfume or aftershave adverts. They always show a man becoming more masculine and having women faun all over them and they use the man’s body to promote the product and the same goes for the women. Adverts starring Natalie Portman, Cara Delevingne, Julie Roberts and more are going to be banned under the new airbrushed rules.

Ads that have a ‘beach body’ campaign will be banned. If the ad is a body shaming advert it will be banned. Body shaming has such a bad effect on everyone. Melissa Mcarthey has stated in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that it is so easy for these bigger companies to take a swipe at people. It is so easy to chip away at people’s self-esteem. Some adverts may not even realise that they’re doing it. Even adverts that have unhealthily skinny models starring in them will be banned.

There is a really big crack down happening on sexist advertisements and we think that this is a positive direction that the Advertising Standards Agency is going in.

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